Harriet Williams

Associate Director

Harriet is a member of the global markets & alternatives practice, with a focus on both discretionary and quant/systematic portfolio management. She joined the firm in 2018, initially to specialise in quant and risk management as a member of the COO & corporate functions practice. Before joining JD Haspel, Harriet worked at another boutique where she was a consultant focused on risk and quantitative investment strategies. Throughout her career, Harriet has worked closely with a range of global clients, including hedge funds, asset managers, banks, and prop trading platforms.

Harriet graduated with a degree in Italian and Russian from the University of Bristol in 2011, then went on to achieve ‘Commendation’ in her Graduate Diploma in Law.

E-mail: harriet.williams@jdhaspel.com
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7367 0629

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